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Receiving no reply from your resume? Send it again!

You’ve got that professional resume in hand and you’re ready to “hit the pavement” and head out on your search of all searches, to find a job. But it takes much more than having just a resume to have a successful job search and there are details not to be overlooked. When you’re ready to begin your job search, keep the following points in mind:

Distribute your resumes and cover letters (in person if possible) to all interested organizations, or just anywhere you would like to work. Never mail out or hand deliver just a resume.

If you drop off your resume in person, ask to leave it with human resources or the employment department and get names, if possible, of those individuals at specific organizations who may be doing the hiring. This information will come in handy when you’re ready to do a follow-up.

Start a “job search file” and keep in this file all pertinent information related to your job search. Be sure to log all dates, for example, the date the resume was originally distributed. Wait about two weeks after you submit your resume and follow-up with a phone call or another personal visit to inquire about the status of your resume.

Check to see if they have the resume on file and if employment opportunities are currently available, or anticipated soon. Remember to jot down notes in your file regarding follow-ups and the response you receive.

After completing your follow-up you still are not receiving any positive responses or acknowledgement regarding a possible interview, wait a few more weeks and submit a second resume. If you then receive a letter or call that a particular company is not hiring, but that they will keep your resume on file, wait a few months and distribute another resume if your interest in that company is still strong. As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel does in fact get the oil and there is certainly nothing wrong with being aggressive as long as you remain professional in your approach.

Well you’ve done it! The company you were very interested in called today and you are going on the all important interview. The resume is what got you the interview, but your performance in the interview is crucial as it will determine whether or not the job offer will follow. Their first impression of you during that meeting is of the utmost importance so remember to dress appropriately. Relax, be positive, but be yourself.

Do your homework before going on that interview. Know enough about the company so that you will feel comfortable with your knowledge of the operation for which you would like to work. Be sure to bring your typed reference sheet and any recommendation letters you may have.

Most important: send a thank-you letter to your interviewer! Studies have shown that the individual who remembers to do this usually ends up with the job offer. The interview thank-you letter is a must!

A thank-you letter can be typed, or handwritten on a card (thank-you for your time) that can be found in most office supply stores today.

Keep in mind that in a saturated job market, aggressiveness is a must. You may need to submit a resume to someone more than once in order to be noticed. In addition, temporary agencies are not to be overlooked. Most offer a wide variety of positions and can be a life-saving means of filling the void while looking for a full-time job. It is also a way of circulating your resume while actively demonstrating your skills and abilities.

Job placement services are another way to land a position, but be sure to ask if they charge a fee or what percentage of your salary they will command and for how long. You may find that these fees can range from minimal to extremely high, so be sure to shop around and do a thorough check before using a placement agency.